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Keeping with the trend of bad McD sucks...

So, a while back I was sitting on my couch enjoying watching Batman Begins when my mother calls. She's had a bit much to drink and wants me to come collect her from the bar and take her home. No big deal. So I go and get her and her boyfriend, and  in the process of taking them home I decide I'm hungry.

I announce that we are stopping at McDonalds before I drop them off, and that I'm buying. So, we swing by McDonalds and I pull into the drive thru. It is about 1:45-2:00 in the morning.

Pull up to the little box and roll down my window. Now we go to script format:

M: Me
B: Voice of the Box

B: Order.
M: *Buh?* Uh, yes. I'd like a Big Mac meal and two Double Quarterpounder with Cheese meals.
B: We don't got no Big Macs.
M: Uh...Can I ask why?
B: We don't make Big Macs this late. Order something else.
M: Uh...ok then. Just make it three Double Quarterpounder meals, then. Two with Coke and one with Dr. Pepper.
B: Pull around.

So, I pull around, girl opens up the window and thrusts her hand out and sort of mumbles a total at me. This is the first time that I've heard one. I pull out my debit card and hand it to her. She takes it, looks at it for about half a minute, then hands it back to me.

B: Cash.
M: Pardon?
B: Card machine is broke. I need cash.
M: Uh, let me see.

So, I pull out my wallet and I've not got enough cash. I usually never carry cash, but I did happen to have some. So, I tell my mom and her boyfriend to pony up some cash. My mom tries to climb out of the backseat to give the girl an earful. I tell her firmly to sit down. I hand girl my money, she takes it, thrusts change at me and then just walks off.

Another girl comes up, give me my reciept. I'm kind of upset about the matter at this point. I never got thanked, or apologized to about no Big Mac, the credit card machine being broke. Script format again!

NG: New Girl
Mg: Manager Guy
M: Still Me

M: Can I get her name?
NG: My name?
M: No, the other girl that was just here.
NG: Oh, she wasn't walking off on you, she was switching to the kitchen.
M: No, that's fine. But, what's her name.
NG: Uh, I'll have to get my manager.
M: Ok...
NG wanders off to get manager. Manager guy comes back.
Mg: Yes sir?
M: Yeah, what was her name?
Mg: The one that came and got me?
M: No sir, the other girl. The one that took my order.
Mg: Why do you need to know that?
M: Because I want to complain to your manager
Mg: Well, what does it matter what her name is?
M: So he knows who I am complaining about. Can I just get her name?
Mg: It's XXX. What was your problem.
M: Well, she never greeted us when we pulled up, never thanked us, never apologized about the credit card machine being broken, and was just really rude through the whole process.
Mg: Well, ok.

So, at that point Manager Guy just sort of turned around and walked off. I mean, I don't expect the overnight crew at a 24 Hour McDonalds to be the A-Crew, but I do expect them to at least put forth the motions. My mom's boyfriend had a comment as we pulled off that really topped it all off. "I bet she went and spit in your burger." 
Edit: Edited to put behind cut due to length

TL;DR - McDonalds doesn't have Big Macs anymore and credit card machine is broke. Cashier is rude.
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