china_kitty (china_kitty) wrote in bad_service,

Ultrasound Clinic Bad Service

Not mine, but this bad service was experienced by one of my office managers who is expecting her third child.

While she is happy to have another baby, but she told me and my collegues about a bad experience at an ultrasound clinic while she was pregnant with her first one.

This ultrasound clinic was close to her home and she and her husband decided to do an ultrasound to see their unborn daughter for the first time.

So the session begins. While my manager and her husband were getting their ultrasound, the woman operating the machine did not bother to let them see the screen. So they asked her if they could see their baby, BUT that woman ignored them. Throughout the session, my manager was constantly asking her if she could see the screen. No matter what, that woman did not answer her request and gave her attitude.

After the session finally finished, my manager asked for the last time if she could see the screen. Out of nowhere, the woman flipped out on her and said, "You want to see your baby? Here you go!!" She then turned the ultrasound screen towards her and her husband. The glimpse of their baby did not last longer than ten seconds before the screen was finally turned off. That made my office manager cry. (I had no idea if she had reported her to her superiors because she did not mention it.)

That woman's attitude was totally uncalled for. What kind of medical personnel would not let the parents-to-be see their unborn child?

Since then, my manager avoided that clinic and their daughter was born healthy.
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