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McDonald's Suckage

The post below decided me on whether or not to post this ... it happened last night around midnight.  My girlfriend and I were in Wal-Mart, which has a 24 hr McDonald's in the store.  We checked out, wheeled our cart up outside McD's, and paused for a moment to decide whether we wanted to eat there or drive on and get something else.  After maybe a minute, we chose to eat there.  One gentleman in particular who works night shift at that location is always friendly, upbeat, and very quick.

Well, he wasn't in that night.  The first thing one of the two employees (hereafter known as Employee 1) said when we walked in was "Man, we was hopin' y'all weren't comin' in."  (Yes, I am in the South.)  I was a bit taken aback by that, but smiled and said, "Sorry, we were hungry - this will be a very easy order, though." 

So Employee 1 asked what we wanted.  It's worth noting that he doesn't speak very clearly; he almost sounds as if he has a mouth full of gauze.  I answered, "A combo number 8..."  Paused, turned to my girlfriend, said, "The nuggets for you?"  She said yes, I turned back the man and said, "Okay, that's a number eight and a number ten." For the record, that's the Southern Style Chicken sandwich and the 10 pc McNuggets meal, at least in my location. 

He takes our money, hands us our cups, (no receipt - this is important) we walk over to the drink fountain.  Employee 1 lets Employee 2 make the order and comes out from behind the counter as we're getting our drinks.  My girlfriend and I take maybe a minute or two to get drinks, turn around, and here's Employee 1 standing over the trash can holding a bag of food.  Opening the sandwiches inside.  He looks at them and mumbles something like, "Guess someone didn't want their food."  Chuckling, he trashes the food.

Meanwhile, girlfriend and I are taking a seat.  Employee 2 sees us sitting there waiting, looks at Employee 1, and says, "Hey man, did you see a bag of food there?"

You guessed it.  The guy threw away our order!  Not even two minutes after we ordered!  It had have been put up while we were getting drinks (Employee 2 was really fast making stuff), and Employee 1 didn't make the connection between customers who just ordered + food on the counter.  DUH.  Well, that's okay, as he is remaking it for us.

Then he says, "That was two number eights, right?"  And I give him a confused look.  "No sir, a number eight and a number ten."  He says, "Oh, the number ten is more.  I only charged you for two number eights."  And I'm like, WTF?  Are you deaf?  "I ordered a number eight and a number ten.  She can't have the Southern Chicken sandwich, the mayo makes her sick."  So he decides to just give us what we ordered and not worry about the whopping twenty cents difference.  Okay, fine.  All is still well.  I'm annoyed, but accidents happen, right?

We get home, my girlfriend's nuggets were undercooked, and my sandwich had no bottom bun.  How the HECK do you forget a bottom bun?  Not to mention, the fresh-made fries were badly salted - some were ZOMG SALTY and some had no salt whatsoever, which I presume means he shook the salt haphazardly and then didn't shake the fries around to distribute the salt.  I wouldn't complain if it was just the salt, but it added up to a sucky experience.

TL;DR : Employee mumbles, throws away our food, gets order wrong, then screws up corrected order.
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