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I need some advice concerning my local McDonald's.

Okay. To explain, my older brother and I work full time and share a car. My mother only gets the car maybe an hour a day to do her errands. I also have a six year old brother who loves McDonald's.

We live about a block from our McDonald's. The only other ones are at least twenty minutes away and just... really inconvenient to drive to. I like their coffee and with our schedules, their dollar menu is awesome and my mom practically lives on their dollar iced teas.

Most of the time when we go there, we use the drive-thru and have to double check our order every time because they always forget something. My mom has gotten into arguments with some of the managers over the wrong change or the wrong order.

Every time we eat in there, which we try to avoid but it's a treat for the little brother, the employees joke around very loudly and use inappropriate language.

I understand that the easiest thing to do should be just suck it up and drive to another location or eat somewhere else... but I kind of feel like, the location is there, I should be able to go there with out a problem almost every single time.

I finally ended up writing in after they got my order wrong, told me it was right, gave me back the wrong change, and wouldn't give me a refund when I said to just forget it.

The website got back to me fast and the owner called me and was really apologetic and helpful and sounded concerned. He gave me free coupons and apologised and said he'd look into it.

It's been about a month and last Sunday, when we went in there for sundaes for my little brother, the employees AGAIN were loud and rude and just... generally inappropriate. In the drive-thru, they're still getting orders wrong and being rude.

I don't want to look like I'm just trying to get free stuff. And I want to be able to go to this location and get my food quickly and efficiently... asking for a manager always starts a fight because they just tell you you're wrong and there's nothing they can do to help. There are maybe three employees who are awesome and nice and helpful, but most of them are just jerks.

Should I write in again? The owner DID seem concerned. Should I just give up and drive to a different place? Would getting names of all the employees who suck help my case?
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