something interesting (whiteviolets) wrote in bad_service,
something interesting

I went to a Mexican restaurant for my goodbye lunch for work yesterday. I love this place. Every other time I've been there, the food's been excellent, and so has the service.

We had a reservation, so we were seated right away. Two of the women from my office had to finish something before they could get out for lunch. Anyway, we order our drinks. It was only after we got the drinks, that someone asked for menus and we got them. Not major, but... isn't it fairly normal to bring menus as soon as people sit down? Not only that, but our server didn't even bring enough menus for us.

While we were perusing the menu, we were asked three times if we were ready to order. All three times, someone pointed to the empty seats and informed the server that we were still waiting. When the two ladies showed up, it took ten minutes for this guy to come back to our table and take the order.

After we ordered, another table came in and sat down. And ordered. And got their food. And ate. And paid. And left. All between us ordering and getting our food.

I'd ordered a drink to come with my meal. As the server brought out the last of the meals, I wanted to get his attention to make sure he didn't forget my drink (who knows when I would see him again?) and I got snapped at. "Yes, it's coming!"

He didn't come back a single time while we were eating. After we finished, he took our plates away, and someone asked for the bills. 15 minutes later, we had them.

It was just frustrating - especially since we were all extremely late back from lunch because of the terrible service.

(as a note: we had reservations for a group of 10, and there ended up being just 8. They knew we were coming, and should have been prepared for more than what showed up.)

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