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Domino's Pizza

I work at a 24/7 call center. Someone in this call center orders from Domino's every day. I placed an order at 11am and was told that it would be 30 minutes. No problem, right?

11:30 - no one's here
11:35 - no one's here
12:00 - Called Domino's. The person who answered the phone said that they couldn't find our building and that the phone number that we gave them was disconnected. The phone number we gave them was the main number to call the call center and people have been calling all day. Disconnected? Yeah right.

Any way, the guy said "Uh...I'll try to find it again," but by that point it'd been an hour and the pizza would be cold. Blech.

My question: How does a building (and a phone number) slip out of existence? When we call the Chinese restaurant, they say "Oh, *name* corporation? Building X? Okay."
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