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In the Eagle Rock Plaza there's a store called AnimeWorld. They used to have an awesome staff that used to love talking to costomers and helping them out which is what made the place awesome. But then they needed to hire someone to work most of the week because the main staff has school (they're all in college) so they hire some guy in his late 20's and everything seems fine. However this new employee is the worst person when it comes costumer service. He spends the entire day behind the counter watching DVDs on his laptop. When you have a question you have to literally raise your voice to him when you're only a foot away from him. He has an awful attitude and when you ask him for help he gets snippy. One woman politely asked about the figurines behind the glass and he mumbled an answer to her saying those weren't for sale as he walked back to his laptop. And you know what, those figurines WERE for sale. The prices are printed under the stands and are to be checked by the staff when someone wants one. But no, he didn't want to check for her.
Also, the store has a policy of when a costomer asks if you have any more of an item that's not a game card, costume, or behind glass, you check in the back to see if there are any in stock. You do not point to the journal and say "we have the domo-kun one" and then return to your own business. That's not right. I've been to that store so many times that I know they always keep extras of the stationary supplies in the back so they can restock the floors when they need to. And they order in new stocks when they have about 5 left of an item so they're always in stock.
Also one more thing. I applied for the job before him and the manger of the original store told me that when I turned 16, I'd be allowed to take up my job in the summer because she was please with my resume and the staff at the time knows me well. So when I first see this new guy I asked about it (before I knew what he was like) and he panicked and told me I ca'n't work there because they suddenly changed the age and they don't new staff and blah blah blah.
He's the biggest mistake that store ever made.
I make it a point not to need anything when he's working ><

tl;dr- jerk refuses to do his job, treats costomers poorly, and refuses to let me start working because he knows I'll tell the manager how terrible he is at his job.
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