Alcina (alcina2) wrote in bad_service,

Please do not employ people who don't speak the language of the country in customer service jobs...

On a longish train journey yesterday. The food and drinks trolley turns up. To judge from his accent, the chap selling the food and drink wasn't a native English speaker. No reason why that should be a problem. But surely he shouldn't have been hired in a customer service role if he couldn't understand English?

Me: Do you have any Diet Pepsi?
Him: I'm sorry, I do not understand?
Me :Diet Pepsi.
Him. Diet Pepsi, no. Pepsi only.
Me. OK, I'll have a Fanta please.
Him. Pepsi only.
Me (looks at the half a dozen cans of Fanta on his trolley) No, you have Fanta.
Him: (getting cross) Pepsi only.
Me (points to can of Fanta) Fanta please.
Him: No Diet Pepsi. No Diet Pepsi!! Only Pepsi!
Me: FANTA!!!
Him. Pepsi only.
Me: (in despair picks up can of Fanta from trolley in one hand and points to name label on it with the other) Fanta!
Him: 70 pence please.

Well an apology would have been nice. Hiring staff who can understand what customers are saying would be better still...
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