katethefairy (katethefairy) wrote in bad_service,

A remembered teacher-suck

Was tooling around and read a teacher_suck up here, and figured I should post my own, so here goes!

This was a very young suck- I was ten at the time.
So, when  I was in the fifth grade, I had just started at a new school (military brat). The teachers didn't like me (I came from a better school system, so I was always bored in class) and the students didn't like me (I womped their asses in spelling bees). So, when  I got pushed down during gym class, no one really paid attention to me balling my eyes out and complaining I hurt my wrist, until we got back into the classroom.

The teacher, Ms. P, called me a crybaby and told me to stop crying and do my work.

That's right. A grown woman called a ten year old a crybaby. Of course, when I didn't stop crying, some of the students called my a crybaby. I get escorted to the office for being 'a disturbance'.

By this time, I'm BEGGING to go to the nurse. They send me. The nurse huffs and puffs, finally asks me if I want to "bother my mom at work".
And, in the smartest decision I've made in my entire life (so far), I say "yes"

My mom is a hospital corpsman (she patches military people up so they can get sent to the doctor without dying). She gets there, looking a little aggravated, she pauses in the door, takes a look at my wrist *which has swollen to twice it's normal size* grabs me and takes me to the ER.

Military doctor looks at me, says "Yup, looks like your wrist is broken, let's get some x-rays to make sure"

Guess what? He was right. It was broken.  I showed up in class with a bandaged wrist and sling, and the teacher doesn't even apologize. She looks at me straight in the eye and says "I hope you can write with your left hand."

I couldn't, but I learned damn fast.

TL;DR: Hurt wrist at school, get called a crybaby by the teacher and students, get sent to office, who sends me to the nurse, who reluctantly calls my mom. Mom takes me to ER, ends up I broke my wrist.

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