RW Grimm (grimm222001) wrote in bad_service,
RW Grimm

Subway and Taco Bell

Subway Suck

I don’t go to Subway often, so I don’t know their close times. I was waiting for a friend at work and decided to run over to Subway before she came. It was around 9:00pm when I got there, and I wasn’t sure if they would be open, so I just scoped it out. Inside were two employees, one sweeping and the other behind the counter, and two guys (not in uniform so I assumed they were customers) eating. All their lights were still on too, so I thought they weren’t closed yet.

Boy was I wrong.

MG: Mean Guy
Me: Nice to meet you

Me: Walks into Subway
MG: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! (the caps are necessary, this guy was seriously yelling at me)
Me: Um…
MG: WE’RE CLOSED! CAN’T YOU SEE THE SIGN?! (the neon open sign was turned off, but I hadn’t noticed)
Me: Sorry… (I was caught completely off guard and didn’t know what to say)
Me: Okay…
MG: Rolls eyes

Okay your sign was turned off, sorry I didn’t notice that, but you don’t have to yell at me. I didn’t go to that Subway for almost a year, and I still actively avoid it.

Read on for some delicious Taco Bell WTF and sucks

Taco Bell WTF

I wanted just a soft-shell taco with cheese and meat, that’s it. I really hate lettuce. A lot. So when you put lettuce on it I brought it back. The second time you managed to not put any lettuce on it, but you forgot to put any cheese or meat in it and instead just put in beans.
I suppose that can be confusing—“just cheese and meat please” sounds an awful lot like “stuff my taco with gooey beany goodness!”

Taco Bell Suck #1

There’s something wrong with you when you are so lazy that you can’t even bother to steam my taco, and instead decided to just dump nacho cheese into it. You might’ve thought “Haha, they’re both cheesy, she’ll never know the difference!”
But I did, and it was nasty.

Taco Bell Suck #2 (Second-hand)

This is a story my home-ed teacher told me in high school; this had happened to one of her previous students from a few years back. He had gone to Taco Bell and gotten whatever it is Taco Bell makes (burgers, or ice cream I think) and while the guy in back was making his order he cut himself, started bleeding, and then continued to make the customer’s order. How did he find out? He found blood in his food while he was eating it.

And both these sucks happened in the same Taco Bell.
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