Holly (promisemewings) wrote in bad_service,

bad serice at local DQ

I've had problems with the service at the local DQ for years, but this took the cake.

I get the Blizzard of the Month coupons from the official website through my email, and I've had no problem taking them to the DQ a town over (since I prefer to go there, but it's a little out of my way), and they redeem them with no problem. However, yesterday I go to the local one with my BOTM coupon to save some gas money.

Now the cashier wasn't sure how to redeem it. I can understand that, I have no problem with that, so she calls the manager over. She takes a close look at my coupon, and tells me, "We can't redeem this."

I look at it, see that it hasn't expired yet, and point out that it's not expired yet. She gives me some crap excuse that A) the coupon has to have my name and my email address on it from the computer printout, and B) "this is WAY larger than the coupons we normally redeem, I think this is counterfeit."

Now I can't help it if that's how my computer printed out this coupon, but COME ON. I've had problems with the manager of this DQ before, one of the main reasons why I go tot the other DQ. I explained to her that the DQ a town over has had NO problems with my coupons, and I know for a fact it's not counterfeit because it's direct from the DQ website. She just repeats herself, "Well, I can't redeem this." NO "I'm sorry" or anything of the like. Just....you know, bad way for a manager to handle the situation, IMHO. I told her, "You just lost my business for good" and left. I told quite a few of my coworkers about it today because it was crappy service, and a lot of my coworkers agreed that they don't like frequenting that DQ either because of that particular manager.
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