Becky (sobreviviente86) wrote in bad_service,

Tell Me What Its For, and I'll Pay It

So, I got a letter from a creditor (gah!) the other day saying I owed massive library fees.
Now, I'm not debating this, last time I was at the library was like 2 years ago and I probably DID bring them back late, but it seemed a little steep tome.
So, cue me ringing the library.

Me: Hi, I just got this letter, yadda yadda yaddda, account number, yadda yadda, could you just tell me what the fees are for please?
Lady on Phone: Sure, you have late fees for 8 books, and a $50 manual fee
Me: What's the manual fee for?
Lady on Phone: We have no way of telling.

o.O WHAT? Sorry to break it to ya lady, but I'm not paying for it if you can't tell me what the charge is FOR.
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