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I love a good clearance sale and I heard Sears was having one on digital cameras so I go to the one that is closest to my house. I admit it's not the best area of town, run down half empty mall that has very little customer traffic but that doesn't mean the employees should ignore what few customers they do have and huddle around a display tv watching a movie.

I had been in the electronics department I would guess over thirty minutes and no one even looked around, I finally found the clearance stuff tucked away in a corner and the old display cameras in a locked case. I had to go and ask for someone to let me see them and this is this is where it gets fun.

Sales Associate- SA

Me: Can I see some of the clearance cameras?

SA: (still watching the movie) They are just display models, we don't have any batteries for them.

Me: (thinking they meant testing batteries that you could actually use to turn on the camera) Do they have the instruction manuals?

SA: (gruffy, now obviously annoyed that I am interrupting his movie) No I said they didn't have the batteries or anything, it's just the camera.

Me: Can you let me see one?

SA: (Fumbles unlocking case, still trying to watch movie. Never opens it just stands there while I open it and get the camera I want to see out)

Me: Is there any kinda return policy if the camera doesn't work?

SA: I already told you that we don't have batteries for them...

Me: (now very annoyed) No I mean if I go, buy batteries and it's broke...(like your lame ass customer service)

SA: Oh can bring it back in for 30 days.

I buy the camera, the transaction goes slow because all the while he is still trying to watch the movie. I find a floor manager on the way out and just say that they probably would make more sales at night if all of his electronic and appliance sales reps weren't busy watching tv and leave.

In the end for all the hassle I love my new camera.
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