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A new one...

I'm just posting here because my company just lost a new customer because they just HAD to charge $30 to prime & start a furnace. Now, I realize that people run businesses to make money but it's known that we're not the lowest priced oil company in town. We've lost quite a few customers for the new heating season because our prebuy is $.20 more than one of our competitors. Priming and starting used to be only $20 - I don't know when it went up to $30 but seriously, it's not a $30 job.

I felt really bad for the guy. I asked my dispatcher (boss) if we could do it for free because he was a new customer, new to oil and he'd actually chosen to go with us. NOPE. I know that sometimes you just can't give all customers an inch or they will take a mile but I don't feel that would have been the case here. I also think that if I could have gone above me boss to the owner, he would have done it but then when I do that, I get bitched at for going over his head.

Despite the fact that I work for this company, I feel that was bad service. It's not the first time I've witnessed them providing bad service either. This is why I'm searching for a new job. I don't like to be forced to provide bad service. :-( Sorry.
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