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Pus filled toes scare people!

This was a few years ago, this one. I'm in the UK for reference.

Back then over a period of weeks I'd developed a massive pus filled infection on the big toe on my left foot. It was pretty painful to the touch and annoyed me when trying to put socks on, so I eventually relented on my non-liking of doctor's surgeries and booked an appointment.

For some reason the doctor I'm registered to was on holiday and I got booked in with a nurse. She was welcoming and told me to sit down. I told her about the toe and she nodded and told me to take off my shoe and sock. So I did, took off the makeshift bandage as well and the first few things out of her mouth were.

"Ewwww, god!! That's DISGUSTING!" o_O

Took me back a bit, without a doubt not something I expected from someone in the medical profession. I thought she was kidding, but when I looked up, nope...


Incidentally, the swelling went down eventually after I woke up in extreme pain in the night. Turns out I'd kicked the luggage trunk that sits at the bottom of my bed, really hard and it... burst. >_< Ow ow ow ow...

EDIT: No, it's not the worst thing ever, but she didn't even help me either. She was grimacing most of the time I was there and just said "here... take some antibiotics and it'll be fine..." and pretty much got me out as soon as possible. :P
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