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$8,000 per semester isn't worth it for this...

I've been reading this community for so long and now I've actually received service bad enough to post about.

So, I'm a Mathematics Major at a certain private college in Brooklyn. It's fairly expensive, as they raise tuition at least $500 per semester, but the classes are small and the professors are fantastic. This is why I choose to stay; you can't put a price on a great education. Other than the professors, the school is pretty much shit. Nothing else redeeming about it.

Well, back in April when registering for the fall, the only Physics 1 class was scheduled the same time as Calculus 3. They finally switched the time, but yet again, conflicting with another mathematics course. This is a huge problem, seeing as all Mathematics majors are required to take Physics 1 and 2, and they only offer Physics 1 during the Fall semester and Physics 2 during the Spring semester.

A few of the Math majors got together and requested that, if possible, a second Physics 1 class become available. I already had a secured spot in the inconvenient Physics class that prevented me from a required math class, just in case the request didn't work out in our favor. After various e-mails between the chairperson of the Physics department and the students from April to June, they opened a second class in which you could only register for if you were on their approved list of students. We were told that as long as we registered by that Monday, June 20th, all would be well. We all did and everything was fine.

Fast forward to today, where I just get an e-mail in my inbox that the Physics class has been canceled, with school a week away. At this point I'm pretty frustrated because I gave up my other spot for this guaranteed class, only for them to decide a week before classes that they are no longer going to hold it. I call the registrar and explain, but they transfer me to the Dean. I am put on with the Dean's Assistant aka Student working as a Dean's Assistant and the conversation went as follows:

M - Me
A - Assistant

M: Hi, I was transferred from the registrar and I am calling because I have just received an e-mail stating that my Physics class has been canceled.
A: Ooookay, aaand?
M: ...and I would like to speak to the Dean to see if there is any way to remedy the situation.
A: *laughs* WHAT do you want US to do about it?!
M: I was wondering about any possible options, such as allowing the students to be transferred back into the original class, though it is now closed, or if they plan to offer it in the Spring now because of this situation, or if I could possibly take Physics at another college and transfer the credits?
A: Ugh, what major are you?
M: Mathematics.
A: Did you call the Mathematics chairperson?
M: No, I called the registrar, seeing as they sent the e-mail, to find out the proper way of going about it and they transferred me here.
A: Well, no, you need your chairperson's approval to take any classes outside of the college, so I don't understand why you didn't call him if you knew about this.
M: I just received the e-mail not but ten minutes ago.
A: Well, no, you are doing this wrong, you need to call your chairperson.
M: Okay, thank y...*click*

Yep, just hangs up on me. She wasn't speaking to me in a professional manner at all, she was being a condescending bitch. It sucks to find out that your whole schedule is screwed and your graduation is possibly delayed by a whole year due to something they decided to pull at the last minute. I had been considering transferring out come January, but I was hesitant to do so. This was definitely the nail in the coffin so to speak. I already filled out my transfer application for the other college of my choice and plan to send it in once I get my official transcript. It's cheaper, it's more flexible schedule wise and their staff is way more professional.

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