pocketpolina (pocketpolina) wrote in bad_service,

Lying to your customers is bad service

I stopped by an expensive boutique called LF the other day because they were having a huge sale. I tried on some jeans that were originally priced at over $200 dollars and now were $67. I thought it was a bit odd that these jeans were so expensive because they were not a major brand like Seven for All Mankind or True Religion. I decided I would think about it and searched the store on Yelp. They're a scam operation.

And here. We. Go.

If you live in a big city you may have noticed an upscale boutique called LF. Things in LF tend to run between $150 to $450 at least (except during ridiculous markdown sales) and they will try to convince you that they are made by upcoming European designers. They are not. Sales associates are required to lie about the origins of the clothes in the store. The majority of the products in the store (with the exception of Jeffrey Cambell shoes and Paul's Boutique bags) are made in one factory owned by LF. They made up all the ridiculously expensive "brands" they carry. In terms of quality it is less like Diane Von Furstenberg and more like Forever 21. LF has also tried to pass itself off as a local boutique when they in fact have 30 stores across the country. Do not, I repeat do not fork over your money to them.
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