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what use is the wind if you can't fly a kite?

CavTel, why can't i quit you?

So, Cavalier Telephone. I've been a customer for almost 2 years. The first year and a half was pure bliss.

Then I moved 4 blocks away...and the trouble started.

My service was supposed to be moved from my apartment to my new home on APRIL 18. This didn't happen until MAY 30, and it required repeated calls to get that far.

They DID refund me for the time I did not have service, so they got a point for customer service there.

Once it was finally set up, my speeds were horrid - I mean, I was getting no better than 28k dialup speeds half the time. We chalked it up to a bad line...so the boyfriend ran a new line from the nid (the telephone box outside the house) directly to my office, with a fresh CAT5e line. Essentially, this should have guaranteed efficient speeds...right?


So, from June 1 until today, I've been putting in service call after service call to Cavalier...we've had tech after tech come out to the house. None of them can figure out what's wrong (it's likely the modem, since it kept dropping the connection, but getting them to replace it has been a useless endeavor). I finally said fuckit this morning, and decided to break up with Cavalier.

It took 45 minutes to cancel my service. Bloody ridiculous! The first woman I talked to (someone in customer service) said she couldn't help me with DSL cancellations and insisted on transferring me to DSL support. The "individual" I spoke with in tech support refused to answer my questions, did not give a tech name or number, and insisted on trying to troubleshoot...after I told him that I am at work, and JUST WANT MY SERVICE CANCELED. Throughout my 10 minute "conversation" with this "individual," there were large spurts of total silence, followed by grunting. I truly wish I could have gotten him to answer my questions, since one of them had to do with his name and tech number.

Anyway. After those 10 minutes had passed, and once he'd had enough of me finally saying "Are we done yet? What's my cancellation number? Am I canceled yet?" he transferred me to - drumroll please - customer service! The individual I spoke with there actually took care of my request politely and quickly.

The other internet service in the house is Verizon, so we're just sticking with the one line from now on. At least we have a spare router in case his fries...

this was written while on the phone/on hold, so it may seem slightly "out of place" at times.  apologies, if it reads kindof funny.

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