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So, I have a bit of a bat'leth obsession (Klingon sword of honor, for those who are not shamelessly nerdy). I purchased my first one over the summer off eBay, and this month won two more in auction. Both were won on 8/11. One shipped via UPS on 8/13, and I received it a week ago. The other shipped -- well, I don't know when it shipped, because the seller hasn't told me -- via Media Mail. Media Mail should take a max of 9 days from FL to VT.
9 business days later, I still am one bat'leth short in my collection. Seller did email me, concerned that I haven't left feedback, and worried that the hurricane may delay shipping. I figured the sword should have shipped out well before the hurricane hit, so I didn't see how that would be an issue.
I am a bit new at this eBay thing -- any advice for when I should start the refund process through Paypal? I did pay extra for shipping insurance, and I did also pay via credit card through Paypal so I can dispute it that way, too. I don't want to be a bitchy eBayer, but I paid $130 for this gorgeous sword, and if I don't get it I sure as all hell want my money back!
The seller hasn't communicated with me except for that one email on 8/20. They haven't responded to my two emails since then.
Any suggestions on where to go next?

UPDATE: Go figure, I swing home on my lunch break today and my new bat'leth is waiting for me on my porch. I left mostly positive feedback with the seller -- he didn't end up shipping it until August 18th (a full week after I won the auction and paid) per the date on the postmark, but it is beautiful so I guess no major harm done. I can't wait to pick a spot on my wall to mount it this evening!
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