Kaitlyn (kaitlyn142) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Insurance Company,

I know you are an east coast-based company. I know that eastern is considered the standard time zone for the US, but please, for the love of all things cute and fuzzy, check the address of the person you are calling at 9:30 AM EST. If you do so, you might notice that the person you are calling lives in California. That makes it 6:30 AM for the person you are calling. As I haven't filed a claim for anything, there is nothing important enough that it requires my attention before I've had my morning coffee.

When I point out to you that it is, in fact, obscenely early in the morning (a bit testily, I admit, but my manners don't kick in until after my coffee), the correct answer is to say you will call back later, and then hang up. Whatever it is, I'll deal with it later. I'll even be civil. I promise! I just need my coffee.

No love,

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