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Teacher B_S

My friend just reminded me of the bad service I received about eight months ago.

Background: You see, we have a huge CTC convention for students in the trade field in Harrisburg for Pennsylvania residents. It's a three day trip, and you get to meet a lot of the local politicians, and it's held in our beautiful capital building. But it's a school trip, so no parents, just your teachers. But onto the service.

On our way down to Harrisburg, we stopped at McD's and got some lunch, when my eye started to hurt. I thought I just had something in it, and since I wore contacts, I excused myself to the bathroom, washed my hands, took my contact out, and looked around. It started to feel better, so I thought I'd gotten it out, washed my hands again, washed all the makeup off my face so it didn't happen again, washed my contact a few times, put it back in, and we were on our way.

In the car, my eye started to hurt again, and since I didn't have glasses at the time (that's a whole nother b_s I don't even want to get into), I just took the contact out of that eye and walked around half blind, still hurting.

Well, I wake up the next morning and my eye is bright red, sore, sensitive to light and very swollen (my eyelid looked like Anna Nicole's lips). I call my mom and tell her I want to go to the hospital. My mom tells me she wants to speak to the teacher. The teacher gets on the phone, tells her she's sure I just have something in my eye, tells me to wash it out in the sink (which, when she finds out I just cup water in my hand and flush my eye with it, screams and tells me, NO, I'M TO STICK MY HEAD UNDER THE FAUCET...which is not possible, if you've ever seen the hotel sinks in most cheap hotels, not with my head, anyway). My mom says, alright, if you can't take her to the hospital, will you at least take her to a drug store to get her some eye drops? My teacher agrees and we start getting ready for the day, to which she tells me we're going to breakfast, waving off my eye problems.

Then onto the capital building. We get there(passing four drug stores on the way), and another teacher sees me (we're sitting at the table by ourselves because our teacher is off doing something else, walking away from us without a word more than once). She teaches nursing in a trade school and is there with her students, as well as being a CNP. She asks if she could check my eye, I tell her yes, hoping she could do SOMETHING for me. She looks at my eye, eyes nearly flying out of her head. She tells me she's almost positive I have a scratched cornea. My teacher finally comes back and she PLEADS with her to take me to the hospital (at this point it's been 5 hours since the phone call with my mother, and she took my cell phone when I tried to call her again around lunch time) before I suffer vision loss.

Finally, two hours later, I finally go to the hospital, and am told I have an infection AND a scratched cornea. I'm given two vicodine (sp?), told to take one now and go fill my scrip and take the other in three hours, as well as eyedrops. What does my teacher tell me? Oh, you can have this tomorrow morning (it's about 8pm by now, and there was a scheduled dinner she just couldn't miss) and then we'll fill the script.

Well, I didn't last that long and end up waking up at two am screaming in pain and almost completely blind to light, and the other girl sleeping in bed with me had to lead me down the hall (she was two halls down from the student's room in the hotel) to get the other painkiller, after trying to call her many many times to get her to give it to us. We get there, and to our surprise, she's completely awake and just didn't feel like answering the phone.

The next day she finally took me for my script at 11am, when I started crying in pain.
Oh, and the final nail: she got a set of papers to give my parents about me going to an optometrist in two days to get checked for more treatment and vision loss. She "forgets" to give them to me, tell me about them, or say anything to my parents until I returned to school five days later.

We then had a conference with the principal and her where she claimed all of this was my fault (never telling her about pain, not being asked to get eyedrops, not being asked for the paperwork, and then thinking she'd give it to me the next day when I came to school, which I said I wasn't coming because of my light sensitivity, etc.).

Needless to say, both of my parents were FURIOUS about this, and my teacher refused to speak to me for the last five months of my high school career.
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