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Ok I think my bank is giving me the run around on this one. This all happened while I was out of town at my fiance's brothers wedding. I got pretty sick and I had to get some kind of medicine. But I was broke. So I tried my debit card and it went through and I was able to get 60 bucks out in cash. I knew that I didn't have money in there but I figured that my mom put money in my account since she knew I had no cash and that I was going out of town. The weird thing was, that my balance didn't print out on the reciept like it normally does so I had no clue how much I had or didn't have. So I bought my meds and all was ok. Well I get home a few days later and I have a letter from my bank saying I was overdrawn and I owed them 181 bucks. I called them up and explained to them what happened and they told me that on the weekends, you can take out any amount of money from your checking account,even if there is nothing in there or if the balance is negative.I told them I would pay what was owed but not the fees. I have never heard of this and neither has anyone else that I've talked to. I even have a checking account at another bank and you can't do that there. So is this fact or fiction? Is my bank just trying to get even more money out of me?

This bank has quite a few other problems as well. I have had money missing from my accounts, other peoples money put into my accounts and unauthorized charges. They also let my mom close out my savings account. Yes I asked her to find out if she could do it or if I had to come down and do it. Her name was no where on the account (and I'm not a minor) and they let her close it without talking to me or having it in writing that I agree to closing out the account. Now I find out that what they did was illegal.

So just be warned, stay away from First Commonwealth.
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