Nothing bad happens to a writer; It's all material (plumtongues) wrote in bad_service,
Nothing bad happens to a writer; It's all material

I'm thinkin' wheremahfries?

I got off work & went to Arbys for some chowza. Got to the intercom at around 11:40pm*, the drive thru closes at midnight. 
Everything is peachy so far, I order, pay, sit at the window, dododo. 
It's been about seven minutes, I'm in no rush so wutevs. 
A woman pops her head out saying it would be a few minutes for my curley fries, & asked if I could please pull up. Sure, I was a little grrrrr because I wanted those fries to be on there way down my colon by now, but meh. So I wait for a bit longer.
It's been about 15 minutes respectively since I initially got to the drivethru, so I pull around & back through the drive thru to see if maybe they thought I left.
Crickets on the intercom. 
Oookay I pull up to the window & it's pitch black inside.
I grab the number to the store off of my iPhone & call to the inside.

I pulled around again & realized the little white car & the blue van that was there before was gone. I was the only sucker there.
Now I know they had to have seen my headlights waiting on the other side of the building when they left, what the....

They must have ordered the potatoes for my fries from Idaho & forgot to tell me the pick up date on when I could actually get my fucking complete order!

I sure got a chuckle out of that as I pulled away, hahaha.

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