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tmobile corporate info? ANYONE?

this is in relation to my bad_service post at http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/1773744.html

to make a quick summary: i have STILL NOT RECEIVED MY $123 BACK. when the "order" finally arrived the box was EMPTY. it had a nokia user manual in it, and that's it. WTF. i called customer care AGAIN and after spending like 40 minutes on the phone, was told my order would be credited back to my card in 7-10 days. i waited 10 days and called back, and AGAIN, nobody had any record of canceling the original order, nor did they have any record of my PROMISED (TWICE NOW!!) refund! the agent told me that she is "sorry" i was told i'd get the refund credited back to my card because that's "not how they do refunds"! WTF? so she said i'd get a CHECK in the MAIL in about 30 days.

that last phonecall (one of many!) was july 28th, it's auguest 24th, still NOTHING.

at the moment, i am on the phone with tmobile. have been for about, oh, an hour and 20 minutes i'd say. i will check the exact time when i hang up, because my phone won't display it until i do. i've talked to 3 different people, and am currently holding for my fourth person. THE FIRST TWO PEOPLE HAD NO NOTE OF ANY REFUND. NOTHING. the third person finally found something in his computer that confirms i was owed a refund for that original charged and my check was mailed on 7/28. FINALLY some results, right? well, NO. he then informed that he works in "telesales" and he doesn't know WHY my call was even transferred to him because he cannot help me. hence, on hold for person #4.

WHERE IS MY MONEY? oh my god. i am flipping out, livejournal, flipping out. this is a nightmare. i am due for another bill payment on 9/8 and i'll be DAMNED if i'm paying it. not until i get my money. i've had it.

does anyone here have any corporate contact info for trmobile?? because i can't find any, and this is absurd. i'm so done.

EDIT: one date change, because of typo!
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