Alcina (alcina2) wrote in bad_service,

Rude cashier of the week

The manager of my local petrol station (gas station) has always been extremely rude to customers, but today the took the biscuit, managing to be Teh Complete Bitch to both me (customer) and her co-worker...

To set the scene: my local petrol station is also a local shop, selling bread, milk, newspapers, mags, sandwiches, coffee, sweets, alcohol etc. To introduce the ManagerBitch of this petrol station: she always seems to have an attitude problem and sounds rude, whatever she's saying. If you pay by card, she always reads out what's on the screen ('Now enter your PIN' 'Now remove your card') as if I'm too stupid to read myself. And, most relevently, whenever you walk in on foot to buy goods from the shop, she always snaps at you 'Have you got any fuel!!!!!!' in a tone of voice that is far from pleasant, in fact rather accusatory. In spite of the fact that I buy fuel there at least twice a week and always tell her what pump I'm on right away.

A week ago, they hired a really nice new chap, fresh from school by the look of him. Let's call him NiceNewGuy. Let's call the manager Managerbitch. Oh, and I'm me :)

Me: *walks into the shop on foot (no car, no petrol) and gets flowers, bread, cola, newspaper etc.* (Managerbitch is on one register, NiceNewGuy is on the other.)
Me: (to NiceNewGuy) Hi! Just these, please, no fuel! (because I've met Managerbitch before and want to make it easy for NiceNewGuy) How are you?
NiceNewGuy: Fine thanks *scanscan* You total is X pounds and Y pence, please.
Me: *gives money, smilesmile*
NiceNewGuy: Here's your change...
Managerbitch: *is in the middle of a transaction with another customer, who has just asked for cigarettes. Instead of replying or giving the customer the smokes, she totally turns her back on her own customer, RUNS to the register I'm at and screams in my face...*
Managerbitch: HAVE YOU GOT ANY FUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: *blinkblink*
Managerbitch: (to NiceNewGuy) You didn't ask her if she had any fuel!!!!!! I was listening, and you didn't ask!!!!!!I've told you you have to ask every customer!!!!!!!!!!!!
NiceNewGuy: Er, but she told me she didn't have any fuel.

She then proceeded to yell at NiceNewGuy fo some time, while the customer she was in the middle of serving(1) stood there looking bewildered.

And while I've mentioned the topic, does anyone else think that it's really rude for cashiers to read out the messages on the screen of the card machines as if their customers are illiterate?
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