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Future Shop

I bought a computer and warranty from Future Shop. This was my second laptop from Future Shop as I was happy with the service I got on the last one.

The computer was crashing a lot, no longer recognizing the Webcam\cd-dvd\usb and the power cord was coming in and out. I took it in for service under warranty on July 12.

Shortly after I finally got a person to assist me, right in the middle of the transaction (I was almost done explaining what was wrong) he walked away to deal with a return. Another person came by after five minutes, and started the whole process of finding out what was wrong with computer. Frustrated I informed him that the other person walked away mid transaction and that I wasn't happy with repeating myself. He apologized, got the person back and we finished handing it in for service. I gave them my cell as my contact and my parents number as secondary contact. I told them I was going on vacation for two weeks and they said it would take 6-8 weeks for a fix and if it came back earlier they would hold it. I was fine with that.

A couple of days later, I get a call while at the cottage from my mother stating that Future Shop had called to say my computer was ready for pick-up. I was surprised, but mad they called my parents when they had my cell # as a contact number (and I had amazingly good non-stop cell coverage).

Three days after that conversation, July 17, I get a call from Future Shop on my cell phone. The person proceeds to tell me that they tested the fix and it was still broken and had to be sent in for repair. I asked why they would call for me to pick it up when they hadn't tested it first, and they said they were sorry. I asked why they called the wrong number first, and I was told "It wasn't me, I don't know why". I didn't feel like arguing further as I was on vacation so I said "Just do what you need to do to fix it, it's fine, I'm on vacation so just do what you have to do".

I came back and waited for a phone call. I gave it four weeks before I called, figuring it was less then the 6-8 quoted, but just wanted to check. The person on the phone was rude right off the bat. My computer had apparently been sitting in the store, NEVER left the store since I put it in. They had rebooted the OS and just left it. Never sent it in like I was told. Never called me after the 17th to say it was sitting there. The guy couldn't even give me a date as to when it was fixed. I was furious.

I came to pick it up, and things were OK but tense cause the person knew I was upset. During the transaction (punching things in computers) I ask if the power cord was looked at. The guy said no - I pointed to the Future Shop Employees notes on the work order where it said to look at the power cord. In fact the words "OK to go call customer" was written right under "power cord not working properly". The guy looks at the cord and tells me it's loose on the inside and they would need to send it in for repair.

I, albeit as polite as I could manage, lost it, and asked for his manager.

I was presented with the Sales Department manager. He ask me what was going on but asked the store employee first like I wasn't standing there. I got apologies, apologies, (at no point an explanation just "I'm sorry") and the offer he would look after the repair process himself. He then mentioned he could lend me a laptop while waiting for the repair, and I was happy with that arrangement. He then said I had to open a Future Shop Credit Card, they would sell the computer to me and when my repair was done, they would refund the computer back off the card. I was dead set against this - don't know why the thought passed my mind that they would just lend out a computer like that without a guarantee (duh) but I was not happy with opening a new store credit card. The manager told me a new store credit would do nothing to my credit. He told me "I can't there is a process" when I asked about getting it fixed sooner considering their mistake. He told me that if I wanted it changed I should talk to the third party company that handles their warranties. Ironically, my work is responsible for part of if not the entire warranty process, but I'm in a completely different product division. I found this statement pretty ridiculous. I asked twice, but I finally got his manager with the promise of "He'll tell you the same thing".

Cue Store Manager. He actually looked at me. He actually talked to me. He said he wanted to know what was wrong so he could not have it happen again, which made me feel a bit better - someone saying "We messed up" instead of "Yeah sorry that happened to you" without admitting their error. He actually took a look at the power cord and while it looked a bit loose, it seemed to be working fine. He offered a gift card, his name and number if anything went wrong and after and hour, my boyfriend and I left.

The computer lasted about 4 days but is not fixed, and it still crashes almost 2, 3 times a day. I haven't been back yet to hand it in, as I have neither the energy or the time as work has been a bit crazy.

ETA: Picture of the work order...I can't find a way to get it clearer, but if you click on it you can read it better.


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