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I am so angry right now!

So, this is sort of an update to a previous post, which was here.

TL;DR/short background about the previous post: I rode a combination of the Jefferson Lines and the Greyhound from Albert Lea, MN to Philadelphia, PA. I arrived almost 12 hours late. I had purchased a round-trip ticket, but I flew home.

I purchased the tickets from a gas station in my town. That's where the Jefferson LInes picks up, but they can also sell tickets for Greyhound or a combo (but it reads all as one ticket) if you are connecting, since there is a Greyhound about 2 hours away in Minneapolis. I knew I could send in the return ticket and get 80% of it back (they take a 20% fee off). I couldn't get my money back at a Greyhound station, because it was technically through Jefferson Lines (even though Greyhound provided the crappy service).

So a while after I get back, I go to the gas station, and the nice woman at the counter filled out a refund request form with me. I gave her my tickets, and she put it all in an envelope to send to Jefferson Lines. I didn't even have to pay for a stamp. Sweet.

Finally, over a month after sending that in, my mother calls me and says there's a letter at home from Jefferson Lines. I was excited because I figured it would be a check from them, and she would deposit it into my account. (I live in an apartment in St. Paul now, but I wanted the Jefferson Lines stuff sent to my house, since this neighborhood is a little sketchy when it comes to getting a check/important things in the mail. But that's a whole other story...) I asked her to open it, and the first thing she said was "...There's no check in here." Oh no. Hell no. In the envelope was my ticket for the return trip, my refund request form from the place of purchase, and a typed letter. The letter said something like "Unfortunately we are unable to process your request for a refund. We hope you continue to ride Jefferson Lines" blah blah blah, and something about the ticket being USED! What?!

They included a number to call, but of course, they are only open Monday through Friday, 8-5. I hope they're ready for me on Monday. I'm just a poor college student who wants her $100 back, which is the only partial amount for a ticket she didn't use, and a few days of hell. D:

Please don't give me any crap like "What did you expect from Jefferson Lines/Greyhound?" I didn't know what to expect. :( I had never ridden them before and had heard mixed reviews... Don't worry, I've learned my lesson now.

Also, what should I do/say if for some reason they don't give me the refund? What if they insist the ticket was used? Obviously if I have it, it wasn't used...

TL;DR Jefferson Lines refuses to give me a refund for my return ticket, which I didn't use, because they're claiming I *did* use it.

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