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Snapfish part 2

Here is the follow up to my previous post.

I called them after my lovely commenters posted the customer service phone number. (thanks everyone!) After roughly 30 seconds of explaing this situation, the phone rep processed the refund. It took almost a week to appear on my credit card. They even gave me an additional $3.98 (for shipping) to shut me up ;) I was waiting to post until that went through, and then I was just being lazy up until now!

But, and this is a huge "but," I'm really not satisfied with the customer service. I was supposed to receive a call from a supervisor so that I could make a formal complaint, but that never happened. Instead, I received another email stating that this issue had been taken care of. In other words, they replied to my last complaint well after the fact. Anyway. I'm complaining again, and here is the letter of my discontent....

To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing to you in reference to order number: 9694825, and the corresponding communications between myself and Snapfish.  Please let me reiterate the scenario. I sent you two rolls of APS film to be developed. At this time, I had nine APS film credits remaining in my account. However, I was charged for two rolls of 35 mm film. After many hours, several emails, and one phone call, I was finally able to explain this discrepancy to someone who could understand the problem. In turn, I received a refund for the two rolls of 35 mm film processing ($5.98) and had two of my APS film credits deducted. I also received a supplemental refund of the shipping charges ($3.98). However, I am still dissatisfied with this process.


When I spoke to a representative, I requested to receive a call back from a supervisor so I could formalize a complaint about this service. I have not received such a call. I am disappointed with this lack of action because I have not yet decided whether or not Snapfish deserves my continued business. This whole process was not without unnecessary stress. Although I appreciate that you corrected your initial mistake, and in turn refunded me the cost of shipping, I still feel that I have been slighted by Snapfish.


According to your own refund policy, I should receive a 10% coupon off of my next order. I have not received a coupon. Did the refund for my shipping charges replace this coupon? I have to admit, that without that incentive, I have even less desire to use your service. At this time, I am requesting a supervisor in customer service to call me so that I may explain how this email customer service has failed. I am a working individual, so I ask that a supervisor call me between the hours of 5:30 pm and 10 pm EST at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I do not wish to correspond by email; however, since I never received a call back from the phone center, I feel I have no other way to request this service.


It has been a pleasure using Snapfish up until this incident.  I hope that I am not persuaded to take my business elsewhere.





Btw, my first post had the most comments I've ever received. And I liked it!


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