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ford dealership suck

So this was my boyfriends suck. It is in letter format as we are just sending it to ford snail mail (email only allowed 1000 characters).

boyfriends address

Ford Motor Company
Customer Relationship Center
P.O. Box 6248
Dearborn, MI 48126
August 22, 2008

I am writing in regards to a recent visit to one of your stores.
On Monday August 18, 2008 I made an appointment with First Choice Ford (originally Sweetwater Ford) of Evanston Wyoming to install a new starter. The appointment was set that Thursday the 21 of August. I dropped my car off at my schedule time of 8:00 AM. When I dropped off the car I asked the tech on hand when he thought how long the repair would take. He said it would take no longer then 11 AM, but they would call when it was done. He also told me that there were a couple of oil changes scheduled before my car but that was it. When 11 AM came around I still had yet to get a call.
Around 2, they called my girlfriends phone (as this was my contact number before work) and they informed her that it could not be done that day because of the trickiness of it. She called to inform me of this and I called them to verify. They told me that yes that is the case and that it would be done first thing in the morning when a different technician came in. I was concerned because of work and not having a ride and they informed me that it would be ready by 10 AM.
I received a message at 9:04 this morning telling me that the technician had called in sick and my car would not be ready that day after all. Well I needed my car at 10 AM to get to work so I hitched a ride with my girl friend to get my car. I went in to get my keys, came back out to check my care because of the signs stating that any car left over 24 hours they would not be liable for any theft.
I went back in to state my displeasure for having my time wasted and being out of a car for 24 hours. I did not want to make a scene so I went back in and asked the service manager for the business card of the owner (So I could write ford). The tech informed me that they did not have an owner but a gm and his name was Doug. I asked where he was and he told be in the other room. I went into the lobby and waited by a desk. While I was waiting a man (who I fond out to be Doug) walked by me twice knowing I was upset because of the situation but not once did he say anything to me. After walking by me the second time he walked in to his office and started talking on the phone. From where I was standing there was two offices. Both with there doors open. I walked into the first one and asked again for the business card of the gm. The two gentlemen in the office told me that the GM’s office was next door. I stepped in the room he was on the phone and he quickly yelled at me to “get out of my office while I am on the phone”. I then stepped out of the door way and waited for his phone call to finish. After his phone call ended and he stepped out of his office I was getting ready to apologize for barging in to his office but before I could get the half the sentence out he started talking over me. He pointed his index finger at me and told me that I will never walk into his office when he is on the phone. It was not friendly by any means. When he was finished I asked for his business card. He asked why and I started to describe the situation. Then he asked why I need his business card and I said that I wanted to complain. He then told me that it really is not his problem. So I told him that if it was not his problem then who's was it. He told me that we will go talk to the service manager about it.
As we were walking back to the shop area he stopped and pointed at a car in front of his office window. He asked me whose car that was and I told him that was my ride. He then asked if that was the car in question and I told him no. He then tells me then that I need to move it. I told him it would be moved when we got through here. He scoffs at that and continues walking to the back. When we get back there he asks why it was not being done. The service manager told him that it was because of the tech calling in. I told them that I understand that people call in but what is the point of making an appointment if it is not met? Doug then said that if I wanted to I could call at the beginning of the week to fit me in. I do not believe that was an adequate response as I had already made an appointment and that “fitting me in” was not an option. That is when he told me that they had been backed up since Monday (which is the day that I made the appointment). I feel that I should have been told then that they were backed up. They should not let me make an appointment for a time they can not fill. They could have told me that they would work on my car sometime other then when they did. I then asked again for his manager’s business card. I asked him for his card then or one of a higher up since I felt this service was not all that great and was blatantly refused a card or a phone number. The only card they would give me was the service managers. I shook the GM’s hand (even though he did not deserve it) and left. The only reason I chose this location was because of them being the only ford dealer in a close proximity to my town. I always take my car to a dealer because they are certified and know how to work on that brand of car. It was a big hassle and a complete waste of my time, plus the people there did not seam to care at all about me. I would also like to know why I can’t have the business card of the gm. I would appetite an email back regarding this letter.

Location in question:
1st Choice Ford of Evanston
101 Bear River Dr.
Evanston, WY 82930

Thank you for your time
Boyfriends name
Phone number

Was that too bad to write??
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