jackie_yo (jackie_yo) wrote in bad_service,

"You can't have that, you're vegetarian!"

I'm vegetarian, so sometimes it's difficult for me to find something to eat, that's not always grilled cheese, or fries.
I was at the mall today with the boy and the chinese food place had a special where when you purchase a combo, you get a free order of dried ribs. 
Easy enough right? Wrong.
I got the #1 combo [it was all vegetarian] and I get to the till, and as I'm paying with my debit card, I ask for my side of ribs [for the boy, but they didnt need to know that] and the lady says to me "You can't have that, you're vegetarian!"
I tell her it doesn't matter, I ordered a combo, and I should still get it, whether my combo contained meat or not.
She turns to the other lady working and they start talking in another language [rude, in my opinion. obviously Im going to guess that they were talking about me] and then looks at me, and goes to dump the ribs on top of all the food that was in the container. [they would have never fit anyways, because the styrofoam container was too full
I asked her if I could please have them in a separate container, and she looks at me like I have three heads, I repeat myself "Could you please put them in a seperate container than the rest"  and she just keeps looking at me.
I finally got pissed off enough and I was just like "You know what, don't even worry about it." and we just left. 

I know it was something that was free, but it doesn't matter. I bought a combo, and should've gotten the ribs.
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