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After TWO WEEKS, I Finally have internet

So, I moved on the 12th. Two and a half weeks before, I rang Telecom to request that I get a phone line and broadband activated at my house. I explained that I had a modem from my previous residence, explained that for 3 months I had been flatting (the story behind that is a whole other bad_service) and using a different service. They said they would connect it on Tuesday, and someone MIGHT have to come into the house to do some additional installs as the house hadn't been connected in years. Sometimes between 12 and 5. Time frames like that are annoying, but, eh, you do what you can. Now, no one showed up on Tuesday, which is fine, its only a possibility, though a ring might have been nice if they decided they didn't need to actually come into the house. No worries.
Now, I work with computers, and I'm studying computer science so I know my way around them pretty well. So, I made sure I had deleted the options for my Telstra modem since Telecom ones SHOULD just choose their own IP addresses and such.
So, on Tuesday, I manage to find all the bits and bobs to my phone, hook that up- success, I have a dial tone! By this time, it was about 7 and I never wanted to see another box again so I flagged on tracking down my computer cords until the next day. Wednday, after work and Uni, I plug in my computer. I plug in the modem (and was told that was ALL I'd have to do since the software for the modem was already on my computer). No internet. My computer is connecting to a local network (i.e., the modem) but the modem can't connect to the internet.  Ok, everyone makes mistakes. I WORK for a telephone business. It happens. So, I ring Telecom. Despite knowing that its not a cable problem, I humor them as they go through their script, unplugging this, replugging that, etc. Nothing. I ask if they're sure I don't need to reinstall something, or get a new name and password, or enter IP addresses. "No, no, just plug it in!" I'm told there must be a fault, and they can send a Technician out on Friday. Between 12 and 5. This means another day off work and Uni but... ok.
Friday. It is now 6:00. No one has come, my internet is still MIA. So, I ring Telecom. Cue script format:
Me: *waves*
CE: Competent Employee
IE: Idiot Employee
CE answers the phone, and I explain to him what's happening
CE: I'm really sorry, but it looks like the service request never went through to our technicians.  I really do appologise for this, but it looks like the last person who took your call didn't send it through correctly. Now, I can reschedule but it won't be until friday next week. I can however, transfer you to my supervisor. He may be able to get them out earlier.
ME: Thanks, that would be great.
CE: Please hold the line. This may take a few minutes, as he's currently on another call.
Me: No worries.
CE puts me on hold. I'm waiting 10 minutes... and I get cut off. ARGH.
So, I call telecom back.  IE answers phone. IE, by the way, is the person I had spoke to on Wednesday who didn't put the technician request through earlier! I explain that I was waiting to speak to a supervisor. IE tries to go through her script!
IE: Ok, can you tell me what lights are on at the moment?
ME: Ethernet is blinking, as is service.
IE: Could you unplug and replug each of your connections
ME: Its not aproblem with my cables, it should say that in your job there. As I said, I was on hold for a supervisor and got cut off could you transfer me please?
IE: I'll have to ask you to check your connections please...
This went on for about five minues, and I'm  barelay manging to keep my tempter. I don't want to turn into one of the screaming clients I hate, but this chick is not transferring me, she's not listening to me. From what I can tell, she's become so obsessed with following her scrpit, that she's forgetting to listen to what the other person has said.
ME: Look, no, I'm not going to check anything else. I was waiting for a supervisor. I want to be transferred to one, NOW!
Hey look at that! If I yell someone actaully listens. UGH! IE puts me on hold and I sit there feeling dirty for turning into a horrible customer. Ten minues later (and let me tell you, by this point, I never want to hear COME TOGETHER.... RIIIIGHT NOOOOW... again), she comes back on the line
IE: I'm sorry there are no supervisors available. I can schedule a technician for you between 12 and 5 next week.
ME: Look, I really can't take another day off work for this. Could you get a supervisor to ring me back or something?
IE: I can't garuntee you that they will.
(Me- WHAT?!)
IE: I'll schedule this technician for you, and transfer you to our dial up helpdesk. They can connect you to a tempporary dial up connection in the meantime.
ME: I don't have a telephone port in my computer, only ethernet. Its not set up for dial up.
IE: No, no there are work around, please hold.
I figure, why not, maybe there are. Another ten minutes (I'm reaching 7:00 here... I called at 6) and a few more COME TOOOGEEEETHER! RIIIIGHT NOOOOWWWs... I get the other helpdesk. I ask about the work arounds... and guess what?! The poor girl on the other end of the line double checks fo rme, but nope, no work arounds.

I eventaully just signed up with another company. I was nice and called Telecom to ensure they cancelled their technician, but asked them to leave the phone conennected as my other company was just going to take over the phone number. Telecom disconnects my number. ARGH!

TL;DR: Telecom employee doesn't send service request off, internet still not connected after two planned visits that never happened, employee too caught up in her scrpit to listen to what the problem actually is

ETA: I would like to point out that I have that bloody song stuck in my head AGAIN, just from typing this out. :'(

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