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Six Flags bad service

I'm thinking of writing a letter to complain, because this just makes me steamed. But hey, I haven't been feeling well so maybe I'm overreacting--need the opinions of others.

My friends and I take a trip to Six Flags every summer. Yesterday was that day this year. We get to the park and head for the Batman roller coaster, only to be stopped by an attendant at the front of the line, telling us that we can't bring our bags on the ride, nor can we leave them at the loading station, which is what we have done (what everyone does) every previous year. No, this isn't allowed anymore. Now we must use the lockers provided at the front of each line.

Okay, we think, no big deal, thinking it's a set-up like Disney World/Universal...lockers that are FREE for the duration of the ride.

Oh no, Six Flags is charging a dollar a pop. And after 120 minutes, your items may be removed and discarded.

Grumbling, we purchase a locker, and go on Batman. We then try to fit in Nitro, since our wait for Batman ended up being about 45 minutes (it was PACKED yesterday) and we thought we could fit in Nitro in an hour's time rather than buy another locker. We couldn't, and got out of line after half an hour after realizing that our locker time would run out and our items 'may be removed and discarded'.

At this point, we take our stuff from the locker, shove our money in our pockets, go back to the front of the park, get our hand stamped, return to the car, leave our bags in the car, and go back into the park.

A few things made me angry about this. This locker thing is a new policy, and there is nothing on the website (that I found), and nothing in the front gate about how you will have to rent a locker for each individual ride. No prior warning where we could have just left our stuff in the car rather than take out half an hour to trek across the park and parking lot AFTER the fact.

Next, Six Flags charges 50 dollars for admission, 15 dollars for parking, ridiculous prices for food and drink, and NOW they're charging, essentially, a dollar per ride? Are you kidding me?

Lastly, what bothers me the most, is the threat that after 120 minutes, your items 'may be removed and discarded'. We waited about two hours for Kingda Ka yesterday. So, if we were still waiting for that ride, what happens after 120 minutes? We're pentalized because the wait time for that ride was too long? Our stuff is just THROWN OUT after two hours? Or do the lockers pop open and therefore our stuff is available for anyone to do whatever they want with it? While we're waiting for the ride THE LOCKERS WERE PROVIDED FOR?

I don't think next year's trip will be to Six Flags. Even though we now know to leave our stuff in the car, the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

EDIT: Upon searching the website (and I do mean SEARCHING), I did find mention that lockers are required for the roller coasters. However, the fact that they CHARGE for the lockers, only give you 120 minutes, and that items 'may be removed and discarded' after those 120 minutes is not mentioned.
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