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Amazon Marketplace

It's not terrible service yet, but definitely annoying so far. At this point it could go either way.

So I ordered my textbooks online like I have for the last couple years. More than enough time to get them in before the semester starts.

I ordered a HARDCOVER copy (mostly because I will need this book for more than the one class, and having a hardcover would be advantageous) of a marketing book for one of my classes, at $40 off the list price of $165. As soon as the order goes through, I have an email from the seller of this particular book, stating that she just realized this was listed as hardcover and she had a paperback book. She asked if I still wanted it, but there was another hardcover listed for yet-cheaper than list price, at $100 in like-new condition. I thanked her for her honesty and said no, I would order a different hardcover.

So I order the hardcover at $100. It came in a couple days ago and my dad just brought it to my place, and huh, didn't I order a hardcover? because this is a softcover. With a GIANT crease in the front cover, obviously from someone getting it caught as they put it in the envelope and not paying attention as they creased it.

But uh hi, I ordered a hardcover, and there IS a separate listing for softcover, so WTH?

At this point, I don't care about what I GET--I don't NEED a hardcover book, but it IS what I ordered and paid for. And I'd prefer not to risk trying to order another book now with ten days till classes start. So I'm willing to keep my paperback--at the paperback price!

I just checked the listing guidelines and by my interpretation, since everything above "acceptable" says "cover in tact," I would call this "acceptable" condition (besides some corner damage that MAY have occurred in shipping which I won't argue, but they should have padded it better). There is a paperback copy listed at acceptable condition for $35, so I asked for a $65 refund. Even if they argue that it's in better condition, a very good book is listed at $50, but I figured I'd swing low and hope to get SOME sort of refund.

This is the email I sent the seller:
I ordered a hardcover book that did not have any damage listed in the description. I received a paperback book with a SERIOUS crease in the front cover and a few lesser creases on the front pages. The paperback in this condition is currently selling for $35 on Amazon. I would appreciate a $65 refund on this sale.

We'll see how this pans out.
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