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So my mom and I went to a beauty supply store today because my mom was going to get some hair dye so she could dye over her gray hair.  My mom has dredlocks.  She's had them for twelve years now.  Everybody always think their fake, which I don't understand.  Not every black woman has a weave.  I'm just going to type it in script form because it will be easier.

Me: n______n
RBSL: Rude Beauty Supply Lady

RBSL: Hi, can I help you today?
Mom: I was looking for some hair dye to cover my grays.
RBSL: Well, you need to start by taking those things out of your head 
Me: O.O
Mom: This is my hair.
RBSL: Oh, please.  That is not your hair, and if you're trying to dye it, you need to take those things out.

I thought my mom was going to slap her silly, but she just grabbed me and stormed out.  People can be so ignorant sometimes.

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