Ish (mjish) wrote in bad_service,

Walmart sucks, this I know

Last night I stopped by Walmart to pick up a couple of things on my way home, and since I had less than 8 items, I went to the Express Lane. I should have gone to a regular register, because the casheir was just plain stupid. She screwed up the 2 orders in front of me, and when the woman ahead of me asked for a pack of Marlboro's, the casheir told her to go behind the counter and show them to her. As I recall, that's a violation of code, but it's her ass and not mine. The casheir was pleasant to the people ahead of me, but when I got up there, she was icy. I said hello, was polite and all that good stuff, and she never once looked at me or acknowledged my presence. The only thing she said to me was a curt, "Thank you" before practically throwing my receipt and bag at me. I said, "Thanks, have a good night" but was met with silence. Bitch.

I can understand having a bad night, but it's not cool to take it out on other people.

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