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This is my cousins bad service, but I just had to write it down after listening to him yell about it for half an hour.

So my cousin has been trying to get his driving permit for a while so his mom could teach him how to drive.  Everyone pretty much knows how annoying the DMV is already.  Waiting in two hour lines, taking tests and all of that tedious stuff.  Well, after finally bringing in all of the right paper work on the third try (he's a special child n__n), he finally got the priveledge to wait in the line.  AFter they called him number, he took the written test that you have to do after home study.  Then the lady told him he had to take a driving test.  No big deal, he just had to come at least half an hour before the DMV opened, sign up for a spot, and drive a family member's car around some cones and parallel park.

Well, my auntie and my cousin wake up super early for a week, but by the time they get there, all the spots are already filled.  Then my auntie's car breaks down and she had to put it in the shop.  They called around everywhere trying to find a friend who would drive my cousin to the DMV and let him use their car for this test.  Most of them were too busy, but the other few were hesitant putting their car in the hands of a beginner.  So he was left carless for a while, until finally, someone had a day off and offered their car.  Determined, my cousin woke up at five in the morning so he could wait outside the DMV before it opened.  He was getting a spot this time.

Miraculously, my cousin was the first one at the DMV that morning, because people start lining up outside really early.  He got in there first and told the lady he was here for a driving test for his permit.  The lady didn't know what he was talking about.  At this point, he was irritated, so he demanded a driving test, no questions asked.  She told him that whoever told him he needed to take a driving test was wrong and he should've received his permit on the spot if he passed the written test, which he did.

He didn't tell me what happened after that, but I don't think it was good.  The lady let him cut in front of all of the other people to get a permit printed out to apologize.  He didn't know the name of the lady that told him that, otherwise he said he would've reported her.

I can't imagine going through two weeks of that for nothing.  I would've told him otherwise if I had known, but I didn't either.  The driving school I went to got your permits for you, and we never really took driving tests; we jsut got graded on how we did everyday.  I would've slapped someone silly if it were me though.

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