wizba (wizba) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Disgruntled Small Time Pool Hall Bartender,

    I am sorry that you were too busy playing pool and not minding your bar to notice that I tipped you a dollar for the $2 beer I had.  I am sorry that it must've gotten taken...that or you were too drunk too remember it.

However, since when does you somehow not getting an effing $1 once - which the 2nd time I was there with a friend he definatly did get a tip since it was on a credit card  - mean that when you see me out at another bar that you can be an ass to me?  I mean seriously, hoping that me and my friend get stuck in the flood that is happening in my neighborhood (which was the reason she was driving me home last night...and we did end up stuck...even in her jeep) from the tropical storm and telling me it is karma for not tipping you...which I did in the first place?  Then basically calling me a liar when I tell you yes I did leave a dollar on the bar - seriously, if you can't hold your liquor, maybe you shouldn't be around it so much. 

No, you don't have to go fuck yourself, but I hope you do.

No Love,

The person that will NOT be buying anything from you or tipping you ever again.

P.S.  Trying to bad mouth me to the bartender at the bar we are at won't work, considering my friends and I gave him a 100% tip around christmas time and always leave him a minimum of 25%.  Seriously, he was laughing at you.
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