Kirsty (aphrael) wrote in bad_service,

Quick McSuck

Went out late last night/early this morning (around 3am) with my husband to get some McDonalds. We've been on a weird body clock schedule recently thanks to Civ IV (happens every time!) so it was kind of like our lunch. Luckily, there are 3 McDonalds within a 20 minute drive of us that are 24/7. So, we went to the closest one, at Paralowie.

We get to the little monitor/speaker, and a recording says something along the lines of, we'll be with you shortly, thanks for waiting. Then a gruff voice says, "Place your order." That's it. No please, nothing. So, I order - a large Big Mac meal and a large Double Quarter Pounder meal. It comes up on the screen just fine, and the guy says "$13.50." Once again, that's it.

So I pull around and find this unshaven, bored-looking guy at the window, wrinkled shirt opened a few too many buttons at the top. He opens the window and says nothing, just holds out his hand. I give him exact change, he mumbles something and turns away.

I pull forward to the last window, and proceed to wait about 10 minutes for my food. I can see him ambling about inside, and then some other guy appears, not even in McDonalds uniform, and they're both chatting and having a laugh, while I wait. Eventually the first guy comes to the window and hands me my drinks, saying "Drinks." As he did so. Then he hands me my bag and shuts the window again. A cursory check of the bag seems all is well, fries are full enough.

Get home and discover my husband has been given a regular Quarter Pounder instead of the Double. They're in the same box, so unless we had actually opened the box and pried the burger apart, we wouldn't have known.

I want to complain, more about the shoddy service than the burger, but a month or so ago I complained about the service at our closest McDonalds (which isn't open 24/7) and they rang me up and gave me a free meal next time I came in, and my husband said I shouldn't complain because I'll seem like some kind of serial McDonalds complainer. I don't think two complaints within a couple of months is a huge amount, but whatever. How hard is common courtesy?
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