Kisara (kisarax) wrote in bad_service,


Female sandwich artist, please do not be giving me attitude when I said I'd was sharing a sandwich with my mother. It is not your place to assume and get frustrated when you had to throw away that second piece of wax paper. Footlong sandwiches are freaking two meals, and if you eat like I do FOUR.

Also please listen, I don't wanna have to go all Navi on you but I will if I must. I said it loud and clear the vegetables I wanted, and you were all like WHAT WHAT? WHAT?! LISTEN DAMNIT.

Now sandwich artist's manager who was acting as cashier... please be HANDING us our meal's cup. Do not point at us and go UH DON'T YOU KNOW? For all you know we could have been frequents at Quizno's forever and never went to Subway. If me or my motherhad decided to grab the largest cup because you didn't follow up, you guys would have had to suck it up. You're supposed to hand all items of a person's meal, not assume they know right away.

Now back to the FSA, don't be surprised when I said something after I heard you tell your manager about how dumb the "fat cow" and her daughter was as we are leaving. Lying to me about how your manager was the owner was doesn't help me when I tell the real owner about your location's absurd behavior.

Of course, me and my mom will never return to this particular Subway location. I just got the owner's information from the location near our house and I will be writing a complaint.

But seriously people? WHY ASSUME THINGS? I don't know, but I think it only takes an extra second or two to ask. "Will you both be getting sandwiches today?" Or "Your meal comes with that size cup there." THEY DO IT AT ALMOST EVERY OTHER SUBWAY I HAVE GONE TO.

(The only reason we didn't ditch the place is we were ever so hungry. :( )

Thank you.
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