alicia (toxicxfemme) wrote in bad_service,


This just happened a few minutes ago, and it's not TOO bad, but bad enough.

I had gone to Arby's to get me some deliiiicious roast beef sandwiches.  I also ordered a lemonade.  I don't drink sodas AT ALL, so this is my drink of choice.

When I receive my food, I pull forward to let the other people get their food.  I take a nice big gulp of my drink.  The syrup has run out, and now it tastes like water with a tiny hint of lemon.  Disgusting.

By that time, no one's in the drive through, so I go through it again to give them my drink.

Me - ME!
DTL - Drive Thru-Lady

Me - Umm, I'm sorry to bother you, but this drink has run out and now it's pretty much just water.  May I get another one please?
DTL - We have to change it, can I get you something else?
Me - I'm sorry.  *really guilty face*  I don't drink sodas.
DTL - You can have water.
Me - *confused* Uh, then could I have my money back?
DTL - *blank stare*
Me - I really don't want a drink then.
DTL - Fine.  We'll change it.  You're gonna wait.

So I give in and wait for my new drink.

*ten minutes later and a line of cars behind me giving me the evil eye*

DTL - Here.  *shoves drink at me and slams the window closed, not even seeing if I'm okay with the new drink*

I mean, seriously.  I change the soda machine at my work all the time.  Honestly, it takes less than two minutes.  Really, it's not that hard.  :(  And you'd have to change it anyways for more people to drink.  Geez.
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