Gamerboi (gaymerboi) wrote in bad_service,

My psychic powers tell me this card was stolen

So, I went to the Post Office to mail a package. Don't even remember what it was now, but when it came time to pay I pull out my debit card.  At this post office, the clerks have to swipe all cards themselves, then you enter your pin or sign on their little electronic pad.

I had my debit card to the clerk.. he looks at me, looks at the card, then takes my card and heads into the back.  I'm like "WTF?", and ask him where he is going with my card.  Here is the conversation:

PO: Stupid PO clerk
ME: me... yes, sometimes I get mistaken for a girl

PO: "This card is stolen. I'm confiscating it and calling the police.  You should leave." 

Me: "No, that is MY card.  You never even asked for ID or anything.  Let me show you my ID......"  At this point he cuts me off

PO: "No, this isn't your card.  I'm calling the police."

Me: "ok, please call the police. Then I can show them my GOVERMENT ISSUED ID, which they can verify in their computer and see that it is mine."

PO: "You are a girl, the name on this card is a guys name"

Me: "No, I'm a guy and that is my name"

PO: "Fine, lets see your ID"

I pull out ID and show him. I'm sure he thought it was fake, but since I had called his stupid bluff with the police he couldn't really do anything.  

The best part, this happened in the CAPITAL HILL Post office in Seattle, which is the gayest gay neighborhood in all of Seattle.  I'm sure he sees transgendered people and drag queens all the time.  I don't know what he was thinking.

TL/TR: Post Office clerk insists my card is stolen without even running the card, checking ID, or checking the signature. 
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