Pantera Onca (panteraonca) wrote in bad_service,
Pantera Onca

Yet another example of why AC Transit sucks ass.

Hi, new here, had a delightful run-in with a homicidally-oblivious bus driver today.

A double-length bus (not mine, thank Goddess) pulls up at my stop and starts disgorging passengers. Two very old ladies and their even older and more decrepit male companion start maneuvering him down the middle door stairs. He's clearly having a bad-arthritis morning (it was cold and damp) and they're struggling to get him out onto the street. The bus driver gets impatient. Without checking to see if the doors are clear, he decides to slam them shut--literally right on this poor old guy's FACE, ow. The ladies start squawking, the other passengers yell, and I go, "Jesus fucking Christ, open the door!" at the top of my voice, not being given to subtlety first thing in the morning. The bus driver, a sterling example of the breed, starts defensively bitching "under his breath" that the old folks are taking too long, but grudgingly opens the door. The two old ladies hurriedly bundle the confused (and now somewhat bruised) old guy onto the sidewalk, the shithead slams the doors shut and takes off without so much as an apology.

Yet another reason why I desperately need a car. :P
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