Nora (lanekim) wrote in bad_service,

This is why I hate when you can't call or e-mail

I am canceling my old health insurance plan because my new job provides it. OHI asks that you send in a signed letter stating that you wish to cancel. I chose to FAX since it was somewhat time-sensitive.

I call customer service today just to confirm that they had received it, about three weeks ago, and they had absolutely no record of it. Grr. FAXes are expensive, people! I can't just keep spending $2.44 willy-nilly because you can't keep track of paperwork. I also can't just run out and send one right away because there's no Kinko's near my house, etc. I held onto the receipt but it wasn't much help when they simply "hadn't recieved" anything.

I totally get that they want it in writing with a human signature, but if I could have (a) called, I would have talked to an actual person and confirmed that they knew I wanted to cancel, or (b) e-mailed, I would have been able to show proof that I did indeed send something by a certain date and therefore shouldn't have to pay for another month of what is essentially double-coverage. I'm just saying, it's kind of lame when older-fashioned methods screw you over.
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