When earth's foundations fled (yasaiya) wrote in bad_service,
When earth's foundations fled

I ordered a book from a local bookshop about two weeks ago in order to take on a backpacking trip. The guy there was being a bit irksome and trying to flirt, but whatever, I just wanted a book. He tells me that is going to take one week for the book to come in.

Two weeks later I'm still waiting for the phone call, so I pop down there myself. At first they have trouble finding my order in the first place, and then it's finally revealed that the book is expected to take five weeks to arrive, not one. The person working there apologises profusely and tells me his coworker who did my order is new, and thus assumed it would only take a week. Of course when you type my name in the database the date it's expected to arrive shows up right at the top.

A bit annoying but it is a heavy book so maybe I'm better off not carrying it around the European countryside. But I suppose it can just be chalked up to the new guy not being trained properly. Or not being able to read :P. Ah well, you can't win them all, right? At least I'll be getting the book eventually.
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