Sammy (libwitch) wrote in bad_service,

its called an instruction manual. Use it.

Our campus allows faculty/staff to buying parking permits early, since it lessens the huge "return to campus" rush on their end, and makes it easier for us, since we have no desire to stand in line when we are suppose to be back in our offices, serving students too.

Our permits were supposed to be in two weeks ago and classes start next week. Understandably, people have been calling the Parking Office trying to find out what is going on.

My coworker called various times this morning, and just didn't get a reply - no voicemail and no answer. So she walked over there and asked them what was up.

"Well, we have been getting so many phone calls about what was going on with the permits that we have just given up answering the phone."

When she suggested that they perhaps revise their voicemail greeting and allow calls to go to that (if you are a faculty/staff member calling in regards to permits, this is the situation. For everything else, please stay on the line) the reply was "But that is too difficult. I don't know how to work the phone menu."


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