0bazooka0 (0bazooka0) wrote in bad_service,

Lenscrafter's suck

Ugh, this one stuck in my craw.

The Friday before last I went to Lenscrafters with my scrip, picked out my frames and started talking to a sales lady. She told me that the lenses would be free due to the sale they were having, but they would have to charge me for the extras (anti-glare, featherweight, anti scratch). I said this was fine. She quoted me $550, so I asked her if she could hold the frames for me until the next week when I got paid because I had rent to pay.

Fast forward to this last Saturday. I go to Lenscrafters after work and tell the lady behind the desk that I have some frames behind the counter that I'm going to pay for and send off to be made. She looks for a minute, maybe a minute and a half and tells me there's nothing there for me. I asked her if she was sure because I had given the sales lady the only copy of the scrip I had and had seen her place it in a box behind the counter. This lady tells me, nope nothing there for me.

I am pretty upset now, I haven't updated my glasses for four years due to not having insurance and I can't even drive anymore mine are so old.

My fiance and I just left and went to a resteraunt nearby. After a couple minutes of fuming, I decided to go back and complain. When I walked in, one of the lab techs approached me. I explained the situation and she went behind the counter. It took her 30 seconds to find the frames. Also, when she rang me up, it was $100 less than the original lady had told me. I asked her if this included all the extras in the frames and she affirmed it.  I put the order in and paid, but after this I don't know if I'll go back. I felt lied to and like they didn't even care if they got my business or not.

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