The Forgotten Colloquialist (papermuse) wrote in bad_service,
The Forgotten Colloquialist

Dentist Office Blunder

Time for me to find a new dentist.

I just had it out with the receptionist at the dentists office. They-meaning their automated services-called over the weekend while I was out of town. Then, the office themselves called yesterday while we were gone and by the time we got home they were closed. All of this was just to CONFIRM my appointment for 8:30 this morning. So I get up at 7, make it down there by 8:25 and check in and sit down to wait. 

So as I am sitting there and 25 minutes have gone by and two people who came in after me were going back, I hear my name. One front office lady asks another one if anyone had "talked" with Ms. Papermuse yet about her inability to confirm appointments. The receptionist tells her not yet and then they banter on about how slow I must be because its soooo simple and how rude I am not to have called and confirmed. Mind you-the receptionist area and the waiting area are all open so there is no glass walls for them to hide behind and talk smack about patients.

I got up, I went to the counter and told the receptionist to cancel my appointment, I had already been waiting 30 minutes at this point. She gets an attitude and says "well your appointment wasn't confirmed." Thats when I told her that me walking in the door five minutes till should be confirmation enough and that I had heard everything and they might want to think twice the next time they talking smack about patients in an open office. I told her that I have a life, and I can't be bothered to sit waiting by the phone so they can confirm an appointment that I MADE and fully intended to show up to. Then I said that I might reschedule if I can work past their attitude problems but not to fucking count on it and I walked out the door. 

TL;DR-if you want to insult the patients, make sure they can't hear you first.
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