Icarus (little_luna_cat) wrote in bad_service,

Yet another apartment suck!

This past year I've been living in the basement apartment of a gorgeous old victorian house from the early 1900s. It was owned by a couple that had moved into it in the 80's from east Germany. A really cute family that was really sweet to me the entire time I was there. So when this happened, I wasn't sure how to react.

My lease was up in March, and I had realized that the apartment was
a.) way too big for me (it was a MASSIVE 2 bedroom with a checkered foyer) as I'm just a single chick with a cat and
b.) it was kind of depressing living on your own underneath a happy family (I had started to feel like the kid under the stairs).
Plus, my friend had introduced me to these GORGEOUS hardwood floor apartments with balconies overlooking the city that would lower my rent $150 a month.

So, come February I notify my landlord that it's my last month there. He seemed shocked that I was leaving, but the next day there was a "for rent" sign up in the front lawn, so I figured everything was good to go.

Fast forward to the day I'm leaving. I'd spent a week scrubbing the place top to bottom. The place looked nicer than it had when I moved in, and I was pretty proud of it. When I had finally finished dragging all of my stuff out and ensuring that not a spec of dust remained, I went and grabbed my landlady to check me out.

I took her around to every little part of the house, even pointed out little bits of damage that had happened over the course of my year there (my cat had put a little tear in the screen door's curtain, etc). She didn't really seem interested in my detailed report, and eventually just told me that everything looked great. She told me she'd be getting the carpets cleaned later on in the week, and would subtract the cost of that from my deposit and give me the rest back that same day. Woo hoo!

Fast forward to a week later, and I haven't heard anything (of course). I called them, but got no response. Called again the next day, and no response.

Finally, about two weeks later I happen to get a hold of my landlady, who seems surprised to hear from me. I ask if she has my deposit ready and if I can come pick it up, and OUT OF LEFT FIELD I get this response:

"Well, I have to be honest with you. The apartment is AWFUL. I have never seen it in worse shape. I just can't believe you'd leave it in such a disgusting state. I had to spent more than an entire day just making it look decent! I'm going to have to deduct $60 from your deposit, but you can have the rest."

The last part, I should note, she said to me like she was bestowing some great gift on me.

I was floored at this. She'd walked through the entire apartment with me and had no issues whatsoever, now suddenly the apartment was unbearably disgusting?

So I went to get the remainder, figuring at this point that it wasn't worth the fight over $60. When I went to get the check, my landlady opened the door with the chain still on it and threw the check at me through the crack.


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