electricalsun (electricalsun) wrote in bad_service,

I am about to KILL somebody.

So, I ordered a pizza online at Pizzahut.com at 12h18. It charged to my credit card, it showed up in Previous Orders- I got charged for it. The address was right, the phone number was right, I have used that account before and ordered things and got them on time.

The estimated time of arrival was 12h48.


I call in about 1h15. I get on the phone and call from my home phone, I'm automatically waitlisted. I stay on hold for 30 minutes. Every 10 minutes, I get cut off with a busy signal so I had to call three times. The fourth time, I got really pissed off so I use my little brother's cellphone to call in.

My call goes through and I get a person in about 20 seconds or less. I complain- I ordered my pizza almost an hour and 45 minutes ago, I never got it- I got charged- I just want my damn pizza- she transfers me to a 1-800 number. It doesn't go through. She gives me a number to call for Customer Service. She never ONCE offers to redeliver my pizza. I talk to the woman, I can't get a refund unless I give all my information to the district manager of my store who can only call after 3 business days. I am FUMING. I thank her for her help- she wasn't the one who fucked up my order- and I am seriously about to kill something.

I can't go out to eat- I don't have a car, it's raining and my dad's girlfriend's son took the bike somewhere. It has been TWO HOURS. I am fucking furious.

tl;dr? : Never got my order, paid for it anyway, never offered to send it late, didn't get jack shit done.

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