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Checkers FTL

So I've been reading LJ for a little while now, I actually joined not too long ago.  When this happened to me on Saturday this was the first place I thought of. Now on to the bad_service...

I stopped at a Checkers before going to my friends house. I pulled up to Checkers at 1:30. As I was pulling in I noticed they only had one drive through side open and I decided to go to the walk up window. I parked and walked up, a teenaged boy saw me walking up and he ran to get in line first, okaaaaay. I stood in line and waited. The line consisted of Me, Rushed Teenager, and another gentleman at the front of the line. The first guy placed his order and the woman in the window disappeared. The first guy then looks at us and says I hope you're ready to wait, it took 5 minutes before they took my order. I thought well the drive thru looks full they are just busy. 

A full 10 minutes later I was able to place my order. The woman swiped my card and I commenced waiting. She gave me my drink and my milkshake. And I waited in 90 degree weather for my food. I ordered a checker burger with no cheese, the combo. No big right?

I continued waiting, at this point it was 10 to 2. I had been waiting for 20 minutes. The woman shows up and hands food to the first guy who snatched his bag and walked away, and the rushed teenager. I as able to catch her before she closed her window. I said that since it is taking so long I would just like to get a refund and go someplace else. She said that she couldn't do the refund but that my food was coming in a minute. OK. I stand there. At this point the drive thru is cleared out. I look through the window and see the employees chit chatting. No One is working. I knock and ask for the manager, I just want a refund. The manager says it will just be a minute more. She then closes the window without another word and rolls her eyes. I am livid.  About 5 minutes later she hands me my food. I tell her that due to the wit my milkshake is now water and could she please redo it. While she does that I look at my burger. CHEESE. I'm lactose intollerant, like really intollerant, it kills my insides. I tell her that this is supposed to not have any cheese. she snatches the burger back from me and pulls the cheese off. and slaps it back together. I looked at it again and there were still cheese pieces. I tell her about my intollerance and ask her to please mak it from scratch. She says fine but you'll have to wait again. Then she slammed the window shut. While I was waiting yet again for my burger other people started to walk up it is now 2pm. I started telling them how slow they were moving and that I had been standing here for 30 minutes. Finally my burger is done. I don't say anything about my newly melted milkshake and walk off. I am livid. From start to finish it took them a little over 30 minutes to put together a burger and fries. 

The manager was useless and i didn't even get to enjoy my burger. The kicker. When I finally got to my friends house and took a bite of my now cheeseless burger, there was bacon on it. 

TLDR: Checkers took in excess of 30 minutes to make a burger. 

Edit: The milkshake wasn't for me. It was for my friends 3 year old daughter.
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